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Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Card Deck- by Abraham Hicks

These colorful high-gloss cards are illustrated with beautiful images; on one side is a sentence-long nugget of wisdom, and on the other is a short teaching that expands on the topic.

When you are ready to align yourself with all the potential of your Inner Being, pick a card at random from the deck. Place the card on your desk, your kitchen counter, or somewhere you will see it throughout the day. Use the cards for meditation, affirmation, or just the pleasure of an uplifting message and a beautiful image.

The Well-Being Cards are a great gift for friends who are beginning their discovery of our message of joy and well-being. Often our products are given as gifts; the Well-Being Cards are especially suitable because they deliver the benefits of the inspirational message of Abraham in an attractive format that is a perfect way to express appreciation and love. Combine the Well-Being Cards with the Starter Set on CD or tape for a special gift that can open a life to greater joy.

We hope you will find the Well-Being Cards an easy, bite-size way to cultivate your own practice of the "Art of Allowing" and introduce this message to your loved ones.