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Kryon Card Deck - by Lee Carroll

Inspirational Sayings from the Kryon Books! Over the last decade, the angel called Kryon has filled more than nine books with profound wisdom and spiritual instructions for living a positive, uplifting life. Channeled by Lee Carroll, Kryon tells us that we are “dearly loved,” and that we can make a difference for our troubled planet. These cards are designed to be used as often as you wish. They are not part of a system, but rather, each one stands on its own as part of a grander unified message of self-empowerment. With the metaphysical premise that “there are no accidents,” the very energy of your intention to learn and benefit from the message on a card will activate the energies that permit this very thing. Lee Carroll will tell you that this is one of the most basic premises of quantum physics—that the action of the consciousness of the viewer will change the reality of the particles being observed. In other words, there is a precedent for this whole idea within mainstream physics.